A Proven Treatment Alternative is Coming

The Mental Health Commission’s top priority is the creation of a crisis center, located in downtown Evansville. Our Crisis Care Center (CCC) will offer treatment to those with mental health and substance abuse disorders who are in crisis. These are two disorders that often go hand-in-hand, and frequently go untreated, leading to excessive trips to the ER and even jail time…over and over again. We’re working to change that cycle for these vulnerable individuals.

The CCC will serve as Evansville’s first jail and emergency service diversion program. We’ll be intercepting individuals who would likely normally be sent to the ER or jail. We’ll be able to get them stable and start a plan to get them towards long-term treatment and support through local resources. We hope to serve as the first step toward long-term treatment.

We’re modeling the CCC after others in the U.S. that have proven to work. Not only have these facilities provided essential treatment, they’ve reduced incarcerations and homelessness, decreased strain on law enforcement, and saved millions of taxpayer dollars.

The CCC will be housed inside United Caring Services, a full-service shelter located in downtown Evansville. It’s an ideal location that will allow us to offer basic needs (food, shelter, bathroom and showers), along with temporary stabilization/detox beds, case management, connection to other community resources and treatment, transportation and a safe environment.

Phase One of the renovation is nearing completion. Phase Two begins in August 2019.

We’re currently raising funds to pay for Phase Two and the CCC’s annual operating expenses. If you’re interested in partnering with us on the crisis care center, please contact us here.

We’ll continue to keep the community updated on our progress through this website and on our Facebook page.

Crisis Care Center at a Glance

Location: 324 N.W. 6th Street, on the first floor of United Caring Services, just next to the future new YMCA.

Short-term (max 23 hours) stabilization and detox beds
4 private rooms with capability to add beds
Private restroom and shower
Access to UCS meals and laundry
Clean set of clothes

Option to move to UCS shelter once stabilized
EMT-trained staff on site
Screening for substance abuse and mental health
Connection to community resources and treatment options
Safe transportation